House of Shadows and Light

While in the neighborhood photographing the Moon recently, I began to play with shadows and light when a huge tree near a house located at the corner of an intersection showed me attractive night time artistry. You can see in the last photo how the flash turned the tree at the right into a white… Continue reading House of Shadows and Light

Wings In the Abstract

Photographing birds may lead to numerous abstract opportunities! A bird’s image unfocused, soaring against a sky-only backdrop, gives the photographer a unique chance to catch abstractness in interesting ways. The first photo makes quite an eloquent abstract, while the other two pictures give unfocused abstraction in the blue sky. +++++ Credit: Photos from the personal… Continue reading Wings In the Abstract

Degrees of Distortion of the Heart-shaped Prism

The little heart-shaped, glass Prism with which I create many of the abstracts, here, at “Abstract Photo Art” can be demonstrated as a distortion artist by the three photos BELOW: The heart-shaped Prism consists of a glass, heart-shaped lid to a candy dish. In this photo (ABOVE), I placed the Prism lid on top of… Continue reading Degrees of Distortion of the Heart-shaped Prism

Simple Abstracting

The term “abstract” in any art form first conjures up in the mind an image of something very intricate and secretive, a view of some hidden meaning and ensuing consequences; mystery extraordinaire. But it doesn’t have to be that, at all. The image here, photographed through a bridge railing, is very simple, but certainly abstract… Continue reading Simple Abstracting

Anything Is A Photographic Subject

There are no blank pages in my notebooks of what to write about, or what to photograph. Everything is a story. In abstract photography, I’m finding there is as much fun and reward in photographing off the wall as there is in composing a wonderful subject and getting the thrill of victory, which is a… Continue reading Anything Is A Photographic Subject


The wonderful thing about abstract art of any kind is the fact that focus itself on one subject isn’t necessary. It’s total content that counts as one image in an abstract presentation. For the ABOVE image, I let my Canon PowerShot record this skier in real time, which was faster than my camera was set… Continue reading Unfocused

Book In Prism Time

Any ideas on what is beneath the heart-shaped Prism today? Where some shapes under this Prism may give themselves away, especially if a figure of a person, or a specific building’s structure is commonly recognized, this particular shape today has been bent to distortion to the point that recognition, even a small spec of recognition,… Continue reading Book In Prism Time