Prisms and Glass and Abstract Photo Art


ABOVE is an example of what a magnifying glass can create for the camera to capture. The glass has been laid on top of a small carousel horse statue. Beneath the horse itself is the round glass top patio table in my tiny kitchen.

Glass on glass is a wonderful abstract distortion instrument that can create interesting reflections. Lighting can also be adjusted to alter the distorted rays.

The ultimate distortion instrument, however, is the prism. Colors and images may be photographed in various ways with the prism, to create something fresh, or to enhance what is already visible.


For this photo ABOVE, I used a small lighthouse refrigerator magnet. Covering the magnet with a heart-shaped prism was all that was needed to bring about this altered picture of a picture. The lighthouse, its accompanying light-keeper’s house, and a sailboat are clearly definable in the image, but the fun of the picture is its abstract distortion.

Again, the magnet was laid on the glass table before the prism was placed on top of it.


Can you guess what is under the glass, heart-shaped prism in this image? (Answer below…)

View the ABOUT page for more on how I use prisms!

All Photos from the personal and copyrighted collection of Barbara Anne Helberg

(Answer: A colorful ball!)


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