Degrees of Distortion of the Heart-shaped Prism

The little heart-shaped, glass Prism with which I create many of the abstracts, here, at “Abstract Photo Art” can be demonstrated as a distortion artist by the three photos BELOW:


The heart-shaped Prism consists of a glass, heart-shaped lid to a candy dish. In this photo (ABOVE), I placed the Prism lid on top of a red, heart-shaped glass pencil holder, which is about four inches tall. The holder was empty when I took this photo, and I got this splayed, red result.

In the following photo (BELOW), I laid the glass, candy dish lid Prism up against the side of the red, glass pencil holder, extracting a different result, with the pencils still inside the holder. Specks of distorted colors from the pencils are on display. There was also a blue knitting needle in the pencil holder, and you can see the blue needle’s distortion at the right of the photo.


Lastly, (BELOW), you will see the result of my photographing the empty pencil holder through the lid Prism on top of it, at a much closer range. The red pencil holder turns into a rich orange, highlighted by its actual red.


Have some photographic fun with Prisms, abstracts, glass, and your own limitless imagination!

Prism Photos from the personal and copyrighted collection of Barbara Anne Helberg

(More photography from the author may be seen at these WordPress locations: )


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