Abstracts and Birds

A Canada Goose photographed from behind as he “walked on water” lifting away from the river. I snapped him from the bridge above.

Snapping our feathered friends is one of my favorite pastimes of the photographic kind.

With that logical photographic passion, along came the idea to shape my lens into an abstract catcher of those feathery friends. If one plays with focus and distance, the results can be fluffy, feathered abstracts.


There actually were two geese in the original picture, shown ABOVE. I merely edited it into a zoomed photo which showed just the goose in the foreground (first photo.)


The photo ABOVE was garnered through some riverbank tree branches. Next, BELOW, I zoom isolated the birds in the middle of this photo to create a second picture.


BELOW is another photo (with a small camera) pulled out of an original picture and edited into a zoom.


In a reverse zoom approach, I snapped this photo with the tree branches pulled to the foreground and the goose posed in a bokeh backdrop.
Here’s a simple over-focused snap of an American Eagle.

Next BELOW is another foreground pull, giving a reverse bokeh look, with the reflective blue river water clearly visible in the background.


This Mallard pair BELOW presented an eerie look as I snapped them rising into flight from the river and used a little bokeh on them and a bit more for the trees in the background.


Zoom it up, bokeh it, and have fun with bird abstracts!

Photos from the personal and copyrighted collection of Barbara Anne Helberg

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