Creating Object Abstracts Indoors

ABOVE, I set a small Lighthouse statue onto a glass patio table. Using a close range topside POV and flash, I clicked it and found a nice imitation of rocks and shallow water surrounding the lighthouse. The white splashes are easily interpreted as sunlight reflecting off the “water”. BELOW is a simple blowup of the… Continue reading Creating Object Abstracts Indoors

Book In Prism Time

Any ideas on what is beneath the heart-shaped Prism today? Where some shapes under this Prism may give themselves away, especially if a figure of a person, or a specific building’s structure is commonly recognized, this particular shape today has been bent to distortion to the point that recognition, even a small spec of recognition,… Continue reading Book In Prism Time

Coffee Cup in Prism

My heart-shaped prism laid against a coffee cup resulted in this colorful and intriguing image. Emblazoned on the coffee cup is the statement: “Just sittin’ here… ’til the caffeine kicks in…” In the upper right-hand corner of the photo, the word “caffeine” is undisturbed because the prism’s curved edge didn’t cover the cup in that… Continue reading Coffee Cup in Prism

Prisms and Glass and Abstract Photo Art

ABOVE is an example of what a magnifying glass can create for the camera to capture. The glass has been laid on top of a small carousel horse statue. Beneath the horse itself is the round glass top patio table in my tiny kitchen. Glass on glass is a wonderful abstract distortion instrument that can… Continue reading Prisms and Glass and Abstract Photo Art