Wings In the Abstract

Photographing birds may lead to numerous abstract opportunities! A bird’s image unfocused, soaring against a sky-only backdrop, gives the photographer a unique chance to catch abstractness in interesting ways. The first photo makes quite an eloquent abstract, while the other two pictures give unfocused abstraction in the blue sky. +++++ Credit: Photos from the personal… Continue reading Wings In the Abstract

Degrees of Distortion of the Heart-shaped Prism

The little heart-shaped, glass Prism with which I create many of the abstracts, here, at “Abstract Photo Art” can be demonstrated as a distortion artist by the three photos BELOW: The heart-shaped Prism consists of a glass, heart-shaped lid to a candy dish. In this photo (ABOVE), I placed the Prism lid on top of… Continue reading Degrees of Distortion of the Heart-shaped Prism